SEO Case Study 

MarrDigital is behind the continuing success of a popular overseas property website. is a marketing platform with a large network of Facebook pages and websites. The overseas property website that has been online since 2002 and has featured in the top 10 property websites in multiple surveys. See Love Your Postcode and 2020 Griffin Residential Top 10 Uk Property websites  

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The website features 50,000 property listings from over 50 countries worldwide and features property adverts from both international real estate agents and owners. The website puts overseas property buyers together with a range of property types from investments, second homes abroad to luxury multi-million-pound homes for sale

Our Results

  1. Increase in rankings by finding keyword gaps, concentrating on longer tail keywords. Creating content that not only featured keywords but was Semantic. This type of  SEO is the process of building more meaning into the words you use in your content. This means optimizing for the true intent of users, not just answering a simple query. It means you answer the first question and then immediately answer the second, third, fourth, or fifth question right after that
  2. Toxic links - What are they? Toxic backlinks are the unnatural links that harm the search rankings of a website. Google’s Penguin update focuses on penalizing the websites that have a bad backlinks profile. We worked to identify them in fact we found over 300. We then asked Google to not take notice of these by submitting a Disavow report. 
  3. Increased traffic to the websites previous levels which also meant increased Google Adsense revenue increased x4 
  4. Bounce rate is a term used in web traffic analysis. It represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave rather than continuing. Google will see these are a negative metric as it suggests the search engine sent their user to a website that did not answer their query. Bounce rates will affect search engine result pages ranking. We identified slow speed on mobile, broken home page links, and images that did not load properly. We also added "read more links to very long articles. Fixing these issues decreased the bounce rates from 71.8% down to 39.2% . 
  5. Old pages on a website were refreshed by presenting them in the footer as related content. This meant thousands of pages were being freshly indexed by Google and being used by visitors resulting in a fresh source of traffic

Digital Marketing Case Study

Nick Marr Founder Marr Digital

"Overall, most of it came down to simply doing solid SEO work. However, the devil is in the detail"


Huge drop in traffic, loss in revenue, hundreds of thousands of pages, toxic backlinks from over 15 years being online

  1. Drop-in rankings
  2. Old toxic backlinks
  3. Drop-in traffic
  4. High bounce rate
  5. A huge website with hundreds of thousands of pages


  1. Keyword research to discover evergreen topics, keyword opportunities, related keywords, and questions. Thorough competitive analysis to determine which keywords that could rank in the top five within the next three to six months.
  2. Creation of the best piece of content in existence for your topic relating to buying and selling overseas property
  3. Ensuring that all the boxes for on-page optimization were ticed.  That includes things like site speed and image optimization.
  4. Engaged in content promotion, with Quora, forums, and social media.
  5. Built backlinks through reverse-engineering competitors’ profiles, taking advantage of link gaps, roundups, and resource pages.
  6. Rinse and repeat.


19.09% CTR

27% less CPA

272% ROI

MarrDigital SEO Intervention

"Overall, most of it came down to simply doing solid SEO work. However, the devil is in the detail"

The importance of targetted the right keywords cannot be underestimated. Most digital agencies will go for the sexy big terms. These are not only expensive and take a long time to achieve i.e. the agency keeps you for longer the is not good for converting traffic. Our experience shows long-tail terms are the ones that business owners need to concentrate on. One example from . We could have concentrated on " Property For Sale Spain" instead we made our efforts on multiple areas in Spain and then broke that down to the property types' 'One bedroom flats for sale in Malaga Spain' Which one do you think brought better conversions?

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