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Estate agents help us at one of the most important times of our lives when we move home. Many are small businesses looking to dominate their local housing market. Online presence is important for agents that are essentially marketing businesses for properties.

Top Estate Agents In Berkshire

We have created a unique leaderboard in partnership with Rise Global, Kred Scores, and Twitter data generating a score that reflects the social activity on Twitter

How are the scores calculated?

Metrics to calculate the top estate agents in Berkshire score include

  1. Each estate agency receives a point for each twitter list that they have been included on. This Twitter feature allows users to organize their followers
  2. The system counts the number of followers an estate has allocating a score
  3. The leaderboard will also calculate the number of people the estate agent is following
  4. The system uses data from Kred to assess each estate agents influence see below for more details
  5. You can see the full breakdown of the scores at RiseGlobal

Want to be included on the board?

We welcome agencies to be part of our social media leaderboard,  agencies that serve the Berkshire area can Join Here

What is a Kred Score?

Top Estate Agents Rated by Kred

Kred measures Influence by assessing how frequently you are Retweeted, Replied, Mentioned and Followed on Twitter. If you connect your Facebook account to your Kred profile, you get Influence points when people interact with your content on your wall and the walls of others who have registered their Facebook account with Kred. Facebook interactions counted towards your Kred include Posts, Mentions, Likes, Shares and Event Invitations.

  • Kred is the world’s most transparent Influence Metric.
  • To calculate a Kred score billions of tweets from the last 1,000 days are analyzed for influence
  • Kred scores reflect Trust and Generosity, the foundations of strong relationships
  • Influence is the ability to inspire action. It is scored on a 1,000 point scale.
To increase your Kred score estate agents need to engage with others

Estate Agencies in Berkshire

We have included estate agents that cover the following areas in Berkshire

  • Bracknell Forest
  • West Berkshire
  • Windsor and Maidenhead
  • Wokingham
  • Bracknell Forest
  • Reading
  • Slough
  • West Berkshire
  • Windsor and Maidenhead
  • Wokingham

Advice for estate agents

MarrDigital is working with local businesses to improve their online presence and managing the tasks that are needed to outrank the competition. Services such as low social media management save businesses hours of time as well as being more effective than most in-house teams. Local search engine ranking in Berkshire

Behind MarrDigital

Founder Nick Marr has been operating a number of property websites and is founder of overseas property website,, and co-founder of Nick started one of the first online estate agencies called The Little House Company in 1999! and qualified as an estate agent with the NAEA

“Promoting property online is not like any other service, with multiple property listings that change frequently search engine optimisation can be a challenge. Estate agents with a wider online presence including, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkdedIn and Pinterest have a great opportunity. People love looking at houses!”

Nick Marr

Map of Berkshire

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